Thursday, July 26, 2012

Little Pyramids Table Topper by Edyta Sitar

Our guild is planning on doing a Friendship Triangle exchange as found in Edyta Sitar's book of the same title. Three of us are planning on getting the "fires" started by having a quilt made or at least begun to show what we want to do!!

 I had made all those Thangles a few weeks back with a common batik background and used every batik strip I had received in a Yahoo swap last year! I have the little center area all done. It only took one afternoon!!!

 I was a bit anal about my triangles...meaning NO REPEATS!!! And I had enough made that I just clipped one triangle off the Thangle unit and set that unit aside.
The end result is pretty but I need to make another one with more darks and less mediums. Do you all know that we quilters tend to buy mediums more than any other shade??? I really do try not to anymore. Another lesson learned from watching TV quilt shows.

 My work area stayed pretty neat while I worked. Yes, I hoard telephone books now. I really love making string blocks. And when I just want some mindless sewing to do, I make some string blocks. Just for fun!!!

 It made the assembly a bit slower but I trimmed the dogears off and removed the papers one HST at a time. Again, me being anal about where a fabric was going. The topper has eleven rows of eleven HST's. So I just did each row as I went. It worked for me.

 I quilted this little beauty after I finished quilting the Cinnamon Triangle quilt. This was another quilt inspired by Edyta Sitar.  It is 34" square.

 And here are the two tiny beauties together. Yes, there are string blocks in the corners. I am finding all kinds of places for my growing collections!

 Cinnamon Triangles is all done. It is quilted, labeled and bound.

 I am pretty sure I will be giving this to GD #1 for her November BD. But until I decide on that for sure I will just slip this one away for future determination.

21 baskets all waiting to be put into their envelopes and mailed back to the swappers. DH took me to the PO on Tuesday. I had four heavy canvas bags. He really made that trip so easy on me. Thanks James!!!


Amy said...

I don't always comment, but I'm a diligent reader.
The progress you make day-to-day is remarkable to watch and read about.
You are amazing :)

Janet O. said...

The batik HSTs are beautiful. Are you making more rows or adding borders or what?

Helen in the UK said...

The kitty borders are cute! The batik triangles look delicious ... can't wait to see how you 'grow' this one :)

Vic in NH said...

Such fun to see your pretty kitty quilts. And what a nice feeling to have that lovely Cinnamon Stars all finished, labeled and bound! Good job!