Saturday, July 7, 2012

Pfefferneuse progress

Now comes the lazy part...removing the papers from the paper foundation pieced string blocks.
It took me only 2 days of sewing to make the neutral string blocks. I already had 100 8 1/2" neutral string blocks made but they did not have the widest strip down the center of the block as Bonnie instructed.
Since I totally love making the string blocks I did a marathon sewing session that lasted for two days. I made a total of 50 just because I like that number. The pattern calls for only 36.

 All my hourglass units are all made too. Once I get the papers off I can begin final assembly!! WHOOHOOO!!!!

 Look at that pile of trimmings!!! I was ruthless and threw the entire pile away.

And see how many strings I still have left?  Even making 50 blocks did not make a dent in that bag!!! The small white container has the larger triangles I used for the two corners on the blocks. I have been sorting my strings. It was a big job at the beginning but now it is so easy. And I truly love being able to just grab a bag in the color I want to work on!!

I had made the brown string blocks in a larger size because I did not know what size Our Bonnie would be using in the Pfefferneuse pattern. I had these trimmings left over from cutting those blocks down to 7 1/2". They look way too useful. I am going to save them as crumbs. I get to have a crumb class with Our Bonnie in September this year. WHOOHOO!!!

One result of having no power for 3 entire days was some organizing that really needed done. I was gathering up scraps to give to a high school friend who teaches sewing to young kids. Since I was lucky enough to be gifted with some scraps from Alaska, I felt I needed to pass it on. I offered my HS friend the same deal. She paid the postage and I gathered "good" scraps for her. I need to go to the PO to get a box. I quickly outgrew the medium size Priority Mail box. But with downtown being without power too I did not even try...
Another result of losing power is a super clean fridge and freezer. I have to look at the good side of the food loss.


regan said...

Your blocks are looking so good! And I'm glad you got some organizing done since you couldn't sew.....yep, there is always an upside! :o)

Sarah said...

Hmm...not sure what size those strips are but I immediately though of borders or sashing. Even for a doll quilt it would be adorable :)