Tuesday, July 3, 2012

King of Green is done!!!

What a job! And what great results! It took so much longer to join, quilt and bind this monster than I expected. I am so glad it is done way ahead of time. I always seem to work better under pressure to finish a project in time

 MaggieMae approves of the border treatment. Each corner has a square from Aunt Margie's blouse. And a square from Grandma Iole's blouse. This makes it a memento for DD#1.

 Much too big for my queen size bed. I am sure Lisa will like how it fits on her king size bed.
 My sweet Pearl Piwacket. She always looks so relaxed.

 And the label of course!
And it took hours to sew the binding on!



Tennye said...

Your kitties are so pretty. I love how they do just like mine and follow you around as you work in the house.

Leanne said...

Oh wow I love the quilt and yes can imagine it took ages to sew binding on.
Love Leanne