Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Portable sewing table bought

Watching what Our Bonnie Hunter (www.quiltville.com) uses for her away from home sewing has saved me a few $$$$.
I was going to get a Sew Easy table for retreats. But when she was on vacation in a cabin she had a photo of this table. I could see it was adjustable for height and was not too heavy.

 I found one at Walmart today! And it seems perfect!!!! And was only $35!

While being without power for three days, I did sort and straighten quilting related items. I did not have any children's quilt labels made up so I got them ready for sewing but with no power I could not press or sew anything!!!

 I posted this on Facebook:
I had the longest, warmest weekend. Our power went out on Friday morning due to a storm with violent winds. The newspaper says 91 mph!!!

My copy of String Fling made it to Indiana between the storms!!!
As a result of the wind more than 118,000 residents were without power. Luckily our power was restored last night around 8:00 p.m. Some residents will not get power back until the end of the week!!! We did take a look around the neighborhood and we were very lucky. Lots of roof damage from big trees (addition is called Tanglewood) telephone poles broke off and live wires everywhere. It was blissfully quiet for a few minutes and then the generator noises started. We do not have one. But several close neighbors do and they are LOUD!!!

There was much whooping and laughing with joy despite loosing my entire contents of the freezer and the 'fridge!!! It just tore my frugal heart out throwing the food away. But after 72 + hours in near 100 degree heat I trusted none of the foods. Some have mentioned doing an insurance claim for the contents but I am sure our deductible is as much as what was lost so it would be a no win situation. DH just kept saying it's no big deal...but I say...2 turkey breasts, a spiral ham, three roasts, three ham steaks, a whole bag of chicken breasts and 10#'s of lean meat market hamburger all add up. I keep my food stocked the same way I do my fabric and thread. geezzz....men!

AND!!!! Bonnie's newest book String Fling also arrived this weekend!!! And much frustration was the end result...no power for the sewing machine. No power for the iron, so I could not cut any fabric. It was too hot to do much anyway. I HATE BEING HOT!!!

 This is behind the house directly across the street from me. Near the transformer is a big limb across the wires. It really made a bright flash when we saw it fall!!!

 We were so very lucky.  We had only a few limbs down.
The power came back on Sunday night!!!!

MaggieMae follows me from room to room. She just needs to be near me. And she is always so cute that I cannot resist taking a picture of her!!


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

I'm so glad to hear you got your electricity back. This miserable heat without even a fan has to be close to unbearable. I don't know how the pioneers survived!! It would have been nice of one or more of those neighbors with the noisy generators to let you run an extension cord to save the contents of your freezer. After all, you had to put up with the noise, knowing their stuff was being saved.

shannon said...

i have a question- exactly in what department/area of the store did you find your table? i want one...

Janet O. said...

I have two of those tables for my sewing--one holds my DSM. I have to be careful--if I get sewing too fast it vibrates and my Ott-Lite has almost bounced off the table a few times.
Glad you didn't suffer more damage.

Kathleen said...

Love and hugs to maggiemae. Such a cuddly kitty.

Gari in AL said...

Our youngest also had his power restored Wednesday. We shared stores as I have lost power for 2-3 weeks twice due to hurricains and know how quiet it can become (and dark). Glad you are up and running.

LeAnn said...

Sorry to hear you were one of the lucky ones who lost their power. I am visiting this area and got here just in time for the storm. We were in NY when it hit, but my daughters house did not loose power. Glad it is back on for you. I am thinking that my Spring Fling book is waiting for me at home in Idaho. Got ot spoil those grandkids before I can get to it. You know, first things first!

Sarah said...

And we certainly enjoy watching MaggieMae and your uber productivity. I do hope you'll consider joining my Feline Friday Linky Parties!

Sue said...

In case you didn't know, you can submit an insurance claim for lost food in frig and freezer, most policies do not require a deductible. You need to just make a list of food and dollar amount and submit. This happened to me before when we had an ice storm in Kentucky.