Friday, February 1, 2013

Finally some sewing results!!!!!

Two weeks of making smaller units and finally some sewing results can be seen.
I have learned so much from making Bonnie Hunter's quilts. Do not let the number of pieces keep you from making a quilt that speaks to you.
I simply broke it down into "units" and as I finished a unit it went into a baggie that then went into an empty ice cream tub. Ever since I read that this blogger:

saved her husband's empty ice cream containers for whatever...I knew I needed to start saving my empty containers. They work great for strings, crumbs, finished units and yes, as you can see in the photo below, my hexies for the HGTV May 2013 swap I signed up for.

I have four of the "A" blocks made. I love how batiks are so colorful!

And when Our Bonnie Hunter showed how she had to clip her pieced flying geese to get the seam to be flat I knew I could use that technique to make my smaller flying geese behave too!!!  Nice and flat!!!!!

And I need a bagillion 4 patches. So instead of sewing them all, I made a few and I am using them as my Leaders & Enders as I sew block "A". Once again I have to thank Our Bonnie Hunter.

Here are my first ten fabrics for the Hexie swap. Nothing like a nice stack of fabric to make my heart sing. Right! It does not take much to make me happy.

Four packages arrived today for the two swaps I hostess over on Yahoo. It was so cold that the Postal Carrier's pen was frozen. She needed to borrow a pen so I could sign for the package that came from Australia. I had her step in the house and her glasses fogged over. She could not see. Too funny! I gave her a fresh pen to keep. Maybe one could thaw while one was being used. I treat my Postal Carriers with lots of respect. I appreciate all they do.


Kate said...

You're so right, if we just do one step at a time, well, so much can be achieved.
BTW - I'm surprised you didn't open the Aussie package while the postie was there - I'm sure it carried a lot of heat from downunder - it would have warmed her up for the rest of her round lol!!

SandraB said...

What size &/or shape are the ice cream containers? Can you show a picture of how you are using them?

Teresa in Music City said...

Your Easy Street in batiks is going to be gorgeous Subee!!! You're a lucky girl getting all those lovely squishies :*)

Browndirtcottage said...

Woo Hoo...look at you!! Looks like you will be very busy!!

Yes, Bonnie is our hero!!!

Mary said...

Love these blocks! Especially the batiks! But you know I'm all about the batiks! Your kitty looks most very content!