Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pfeffernuese Inspired and Thangles

All done!!! My Pfefferneuse inspired quilt I am calling Cinnamon Triangles.
It is now 56" square and I am very pleased with the adventure and results.
My biggest thanks to Our Bonnie Hunter for this pattern. I loved the units!!

 Monday night was a planning meeting for our guild's next meeting year. Games, exchanges and ideas flowed like lightening! It was a very inspiring meeting. I always seem to leave more anxious to sew than before I came. Yet I do not see how I could love sewing any more than I already do. I am staying up later and later and have the machine humming everyday as it is!!!

We are going to be doing a triangle exchange every month. Inspired by the show where we went and listened to Edtya Sitar. And we all fell in love with her color sense. Her hubby does all the cooking and housework so she can sew. How to get mine to do the same??????
I had three different programs/methods for making these little gems.
(not counting my EZ Angle ruler)

The planning group have each picked a quilt to make to get the juices flowing for the other guild members. We want a lot of participation in this undertaking. Variety makes for a much more interesting quilt!!!
And being the over achiever I am I had to actually start on a quilt using what has yet to be exchanged!!! What's a gal to do?
Why use up those batik 2 1/2" strips to make some triangles with the Thangles method.

Chain piecing is the way to do these! I made 288 units in only one day of sewing.
I only stabbed/impaled myself a few times with pins before I changed the direction of those dangerous points. HA!
And you need to see where you are going. So I advise an open toed foot as opposed to your normal 1/4" foot. You need to see where the sewing line is at all times.
Such a satisfying photo. An endless line of units being fed through the machine.

 And of course I had to cut one to see how it looks.

We are going to use Autumn colors only for the exchange. I am not sure if we are going to ask for batiks only or ask to have a few batiks mixed in with the quilting cottons. They do play well together.


Kate said...

I'm v impressed with all you achieve - the Pefferneuse alternative is beautiful, just beautiful. You do such lovely work. And the triangles are coming up trumps for you too. I think it's actually quite good to do things aside from just sewing - getting up to do this and that is healthy for the body and mind. Always love your posts!

Janet O. said...

"Overachiever" could well be an understatement. : )
Love those fall colored batiks.

Christy said...

Your border really completes the top. awesome job, as always.

Christy said...

I think the border really tops it off. awesome job as always.

Amy said...

Great alteration to a Bonnie design; and you whipped it out in an amazing timely fashion. A+

Bonnie said...

Had to come over from Quiltville to see what you had "failed" at. I love what you did with the units. Really neat. And, wow! You are a triangle magician... I'm not sure I ever would have thought of running thangles through as your showing but it is now in my head to be brought out when needed. Thanks.

Andee said...

Your Bonnie quilt looks great...that is the PERFECT border fabric, love it!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh Sue - I was watching to see where this one was going -- it wasn't singing to ME, that is, but that border fabric just makes it holler glorious things out loud! It is now a stunner!!! This is my favorite kind of quilt - the kind that starts slow and with questions, and then ends up simply smashing!!!

Sarah said...

It may not be the layout you had hoped for but Cinnamon Triangles is very pretty. The border fabric really brings it all together. Did you start with those colors in mind or did you find the border fabric after?

Sandra Henderson said...

I have never used those and I just "bought me some of them there thangles!"
Glad I see how you are doing them.
I love your blog. Found you through Bonnie...
Loving your mystery choices!~
Me too!!!~ re. the civil war and conversation prints! :)