Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chicken and noodles for the soul.

I posted a good while back about my disappointment with Cuisinart's warranty of my entire pan set.

So, I bought myself a new chicken & noodles pan. What is good about this pan is:
  1. Stainless steel good heavy pan
  2. no coatings to wear off/out
  3. glass lid to see cooking progress
  4. 2 inserts to steam veggies or whatever

 It is so simple to make your own chicken stock. A good clean whole chicken, an onion, a few carrots and a lot of celery stalks with leaves attached.  Boil for a few hours then cool and remove all of the contents. I run them through a mesh colander to remove any stray bones or entrails that may break off during the cooking process.
 And then you have gallons of homemade chicken stock. I add the dark meat back to some broth and make the chicken & noodles. The white meat gets shredded and used for whatever. And the house smells sooooooo good while this is cooking. It is comforting to my soul.
 I cut up only 6 different blacks for Orca Bay's clue #5. Some of my blacks (well really most of them) had too much white going on. I think restricting my fabric choices here will give me the desired effect that Our Bonnie Hunter ( is going for.
There is a great Azeala Trail black and a Fossil Fern black and a batik black.
OK....go ahead and laugh. Here is another pencil box full of my black HST. Love these pencil boxes.


Janet O. said...

I can smell the chicken from here!
Okay, we are going to have to call you Pencilbox Sue!
I know I tease you, but I am really envious of your organizational skills.

gail.designs said...

How Do you get so much done. Love the pencil box. I use the plastic trays that vegetables are packed in from the grocery store to keep my pieces together.

gail in VA

Teri said...

Wish I was eating there for dinner. Great blacks. My goal with this quilt is to only use from my scrap drawers and string bins. So far I am doing well, but one more black step will push me too far. I don't have a lot of variety, but I think it will be ok. I am glad to use all my different die lots of solid black scraps.

Sally Langston Warren said...

I can just imagine you at the back-to-school sales, buying up all the pencil boxes when they are 50 cents each!:)
I can also just imagine the smell of the chicken broth.....I love to make that too. Gotta have celery!

Pat B said...

Just curious - how did you know to just use almost solids for this step? I guess I missed something in the clue as I used lots of patterned blacks as in the other steps. Although I'mnot finished withthis step by any means. This is my first mystery quilt with Bonnie so I'm not sure about the whole process.
Love reading your blog.

scraphappy said...

Enjoy that delicious smelling soup. Looks like you are all set to settle in and sew for a while.

Kim said...

Oh no I am not going to laugh......I wish I could organize like you.
Your sewing space is just terrific!

My brain will not do it!

Happy Sewing and happy cooking.....mmmmmmmm homemade soup :0)