Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wrapping it up in Indiana

I had different plans for today. I finished all my shopping yesterday and needed to go buy wrapping paper. We woke up to snow with slick roads.

I decided to strip the bed and do all the other laundry and put my purchases into their respective boxes and/or plastic containers.
Yes, I give gifts in plastic containers too. The stack on the right side is full of small gifts that still are welcomed. Hair brushes, toothbrushes, toothpaste,hand sanitizer,barrettes and bobby pins, socks...you know lots of little things.

Half way through laundry and luckily after finishing boxing, Hubby announced we needed to visit the ER. His blood pressure was 90/60 and his hands and feet were tingling. Despite three different sleep perscriptions, he has not been able to sleep since his surgery. It has been really rough on him. And rough on me too. I have no trouble sleeping until he taps me on the shoulder every few hours to wake me to tell me he cannot sleep. All night long. So I am tired too.

6 hours later and after finally talking to a great ER doctor who LISTENED to James' symptoms we came back home to worried kitties because they had played in the Christmas wrappings. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

His BP was fine after we got to the hospital. They did blood tests and a thyroid panel. He is all within the normal range. He mentioned to this doctor that he has "restless leg syndrome". She said she had it too and takes a certain medication for it. Well...she wrote the script...we went to a 24 hour CVS and he got his new meds and I bought some wrapping paper. I knew I did not have enough.

Here I sit on the computer. Hoping that the new sleeping med will help my DH sleep. He is in a freshly washed bed...I love fresh sheets. They are all straight and tucked in. I will stay up as long as I can so I do not distrub him. I may just stay up all night and perhaps sew a bit. As we waited at the ER I worked on and nearly finished my hand quilted Freehand Baptist project that has taken me a year. It was really a large quilt to be done this way but I do love this process. Of course the process is by Our Bonnie Hunter!
The great thing about this process is that as you finish you go round and round FASTER because you start on the outside and work your way in. Since it is done that way I had the binding already sewn on too.
Check out her process at http://www.quiltville.com Freehand Baptist Fans.


Janet O. said...

I hope DH gets a good night's sleep--and that you get some sleep, too.
I believe you keep the plastic industry in business single-handedly! : )

Kathleen said...

hugs, hun. Hope your DH gets more comfortable. Sleep is a precious commodity - for you both!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Since you got the quilting done something good came of your ER waiting time. I sure hope your DH's new med helps him sleep. Why is it that when we women can't sleep we try real hard not to wake anyone else, but when a man can't sleep it's the end of the world and they have to wake somebody up to share the misery?

Debbie said...

My husband was not able to sleep after a few surgeries and various medications. Now he is on trazodone and that works well. He can't sleep at night without it.