Monday, December 12, 2011

Orca Bay Clue #4 Red Strings done!

I LOVE making string blocks. And the fact that Our Bonnie has us making string blocks in color families just pleases my OCD me to a tee!

 I believe I have mentioned before that if you are using telephone book pages that there is no need to count them. They are already numbered. So I did the math and have two sets of 64 pages all cut and clipped together. My red strings are finished. I am still doing the trimming but the sewing is done.
 I even saved the 3+" strip that was cut away from the phone book pages. I have in mind to do some piano key type sewing on them with the leftover strips. But after getting the string blocks all sewn DH says he needs me near him. He is lonely in the family room. I sew in the living room. He has never "needed" my presence before. He has never even asked me to ever spend time with him. We are neither of us very social creatures. And we have always had a very comfortable relationship. He has his own TV and computer and so do I. I am hoping as he gains strength and his pain level decreases that he will need me less and less. Yet part of me revels in the fact that we are a strong loving couple.
 Baskets and containers. I love them and to make sure I only use a red once it will either get used up in several blocks on only a hunk will get cut off and then it is put into another basket. That tells me not to pick a string from that basket until I get through all the other strings.
I swear those strings multiply during the night. As you can see I do lots of blocks at the same time. Once they start to fall off the back of the table into "kitty fur never-never land", I clip them apart and continue sewing.

Some I have trimmed the first way Our Bonnie instructed. And some I have trimmed the second way that she thought of in the middle of the night.
I dream sewing too. I so understand where she is coming from. Having a nice sewing area to go to at 3:00 a.m. is such a pleasure. I no longer have time schedules to meet or places to be. Who needs sleep? I will sleep tomorrow night if I get tired.
I have a small tip to share with you bloggers.
I use a piece of cotton batting to rub the strings and debris from the cuting board.
It works great!


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

woo hoo strings for one of your quilts done, onto the next quilt you are making now.

Elaine Adair said...

Good to see your big chunk of Step 4 nearly done.

Regarding cleaning off the mat? A friend crocheted a kitchen scrubber for me - Years ago I would not have appreciated it but now? THAT's what I want for Christmas - it works like a charm on the mat as well as for kitchen duties. 8-)

regan said...

Your blocks look great! I do the same thing with the strings, making sure I don't keep using the same one again and again. I've seen quilts that have an abundance of one print, and it pops out like a neon sign. I'm sure there will be enough popping on this quilt when it's done (Bonnie's quilt ALL pop!), but I don't want to take any chances. Glad your hubby is getting better, but I loved that he was asking for you! Very sweet!

qltmom9 said...

Ooo...that red is PRETTY!
I've been sick and am worse now, so I've been enjoying yours instead of sewing even though I started. You are AMAZING for keeping up!
Dh and I each have a desk in the living room. If he is watching a show I hate, I just sew. Our desks face the TV. I love that, BUT, I should have NEVER put a sewing machine in my kitchen! Trouble...mess.

Cathy Tomm said...

Your blocks look great. I laughed at your - the strings seam to multiple over night. When I did the blue string blocks I got a few done and then cut some more fabric before bed. The next morning I could not believe how many I cut, I cut too many.

carolyn berroeta said...

Your strings are looking really good

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

It is fun seeing your sewing space and congrats on finishing your strings, I just finished mine last night too.

Janet O. said...

Once again, your organizational skills amaze me.
I have a sewing room, but I usually set my machine at the edge of the family room so I can converse with DH while he watches his evening TV. Sewing room isn't far, so I run back and forth for the design wall or other tools I need.

berylthepearl said...

Love your pink strings! I love making string blocks and can't understand why some people don't! I also like your sewing table, did you make it? My machine sits on top of a table but I wish it could be positioned flush with the top.