Saturday, December 3, 2011


I bought the Inklingo programs in June of 2009. I know the date precisely as Linda Franz had autographed my copies of Shape Collection #1 and #2.
I also remember an e-mail she had sent me in which she said that her husband loves customers like me. I think I had told her I wanted ALL of the collections. But could only afford two.
I bought these when I had Windows XP. BUT...I had never even opened the plastic wrap on the CD's.
I am so bad.
So now my OS is Windows 7. When I put the CD in the drawer my computer said there was a compatibility issue but there was a fix for it. So I let the machine waltz me through the steps and then I was able to access the CD. It was easy to follow the instructions. So all of you should have no trouble doing this step if needed.

 Above are the results of this morning's play session.
Can you tell the Inklingo from the EZ Angle HST?
There are many ways to get to a finished product. You just need to find what is easiest for you. And also what will give you good results.
Timewise there seemed really no difference in making these units. I made 48 with Inklingo and 48 with EZ Angle. It is now 11:00 a.m. I started at 8:00 a.m. but I am also doing laundry and waiting on my DH hand and foot during his recovery from the recent surgery. He is doing much better everyday.
 I did make a bit of a boo-boo when choosing the color to print on the back of my neutral. It was too light and I had trouble seeing on the first page I sewed. So above I took a pencil and traced the lines a bit darker for me to see. I sewed the entire sheet without breaking a thread. That means continous sewing. (what we love to do) I also decided I prefer cutting the HST out with the scissors rather than the rotary cutter. But then again that could be the too faint lines with the first sheet.
I also had fears of paper jams. The first sheet went through great. The second one did not. But I was able to retrieve it and start from the other end and it printed fine. I have a Lexmark Pro 205. Linda says she prefers her Cannon printer to her Lexmark for fabric printing.
This fabric is by MODA. It is part of the new collection called Etchings. It is a yummy neutral with grays. I am in love with it! I have been on a "no buy" to use up my stash but when I saw this collection I shouted out loud! I must have this!!!!! So I bought 9 yards.


Gari in AL said...

Are you saying that you sewed all of the HSTs from the sheet? You didn't cut out the triangles and then sew them together? I might try this way if that is so.

Laurie said...

9 yards?!?! hahaha Oh Subee.. you kill me! So much for "no buying" That's ok, I went shopping today and picked up.. ummm... about 16 meters of fabric. Granted, one was for the backing of my Mai Tai's in Paradise (7 meters to finish the bolt - 35% off too), and another was 4 meters of a beautiful asian fabric... the others in 1 meter cuts, mostly teals for Orca Bay.

I NEEDED a fabric fix! That did it! LOL

SubeeSews said...

Yes...I did not see a reason to not do it that way. Kinda like the Triangulations program which I have too.

But that prints on paper....hummmmI wonder if I could print on fabric from the Triangulations????

It worked very well sewing it as one sheet. I only needed a few pins to stabilize the fabrics. I was more at ease cutting them apart with scissors instead of the cutter.

Janet O. said...

Nine yards and you weren't even planning it for a quilt back? Wow!