Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In the pink for Orca Bay Mystery

Pink, gray and brown are my favorite colors. But if it would come down to me nailing just ONE favorite color it would have to be pink.
The block below is my favorite block. But then each of the other 63 blocks are equally as beautiful.

 I guess I would have to say that as I trim each block it then becomes my favorite until I pull the next one from the pile.
 Sigh! What memories race through my head looking at these fabrics. I made two Pink Smokey Mountain Stars (pattern from Bonnie Hunter at:

One went to a Grand daughter and the second one stayed here with me. I hand quilted that one.
When you go to her blogsite make sure you click on the Orca Bay Mystery tab for some beautiful examples of the quilts being made from the mystery.

 I love the process of sewing strings.  I know I call it mindless sewing but there is a bit of "art" connected with choosing what strip to lay next to another strip. Some of the beautiful pink string blocks I have seen on the Mr Linky thingie have been very pastel. I tried to copy that but my pinks are more in the medium to hot pink range. I just decided that my blocks will be a reflection of my own stash not a copy of someone else's.
And to keep thing straight, I use a strip in a couple blocks and then it get puts aside and I grab another string. I have yet to dive into the already used pile. I have lots of pinks!

 When I went on a gathering mission for pinks I actually had to go through 4 LARGE plastic containers and three drawers to glean out all the pinks. And I am not using any wider than 1 1/2" strips. And even that size seems a bit clunky. The tiny basket on the left has my leftover 2 1/2" squares from the Smokey Mountain quilts. That makes it so handy to just whack them into triangles and add to the corners of the string blocks.

Here is our Macy Gray. Her eyes are so deep blue they are almost Indigo colored. I know the breeder called me after we had her for a few years and wondered if her eyes had stayed as deep blue as they hoped. They are. Macy is an Oriental Shorthair. She has a wedge shaped head. And she is so unusual looking that either you love her or you think she is deformed. She never stops talking and has many tricks in her portfolio. If you read up on the breed it says they love being clowns for their humans. Guess they are the only cats in the world that do not mind being laughed at!


Sue Daurio said...

LOVE the pink strings, with brown, man that is going to be gorgeous!!

Janet O. said...

Wow--I didn't know there was that much pink in the world! As you can tell, pink is not a color I have in abundance. I lean more to the peachy, salmony side of things, not true pink. Your blocks look great!

Anonymous said...

Love both your string colors. The pink and brown is going to be stunning. It is amazing the personality each block takes on isn't it? I'm looking forward to the next clue on Friday.
~Jillian in North Dakota

Becky Clay said...

I think your pink strings are great! You do a great job and I love your blog!

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Those are some luscious string blocks and what a sweet car.