Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fabric log roll

I have mentioned this before that I periodically go through my fabric bolts and tear off a one yard chunk. I did that with the log roll below. There are 56 neutrals in this roll. I was doing a neutral swap over at the 1 1/2" Postagestampquilt swap location. We ended up only swapping 25 fabrics instead of 50 but that made no difference to me. 

I swapped two sets then! HA!

I am in LOVE with neutrals. I have always bought them before deeper colored fabrics.

And this is my own invention. I have browns stored this way too.
I have my batiks rolled this way by color. Makes it so easy to just grab a bunch of same color fabrics.

 This roll was one yard chunks at one time. They are all pressed and starched then one strip in many sizes were cut from each one. Not one fabric at a time either. Maybe 6-8 fabrics...that means 12-16 layers. You need strong arms and a sharp blade to do this.

Anyway, after doing the harvesting, I rolled them all up together (keeping the cut ends as even as I could) tied them up with some of those great Moda ribbons, and put them into a plastic container. The last time I harvested fabric from this container was early last Spring 2010.
 Here is the roll before unrolling. It is a beautiful sight and it is also quite heavy. Sigh!
 Did I tell you I love fabric???? Like you couldn't guess.
They are all nice and flat with no wrinkles or puckers.
 I did not need to iron a single one of these as I took a few at a time from the unrolled log, cut them and stacked them to the other end of the table. Once again I did not need to iron them at all!!!! And yes, I do love to iron. Last night I went through all my shirtings prints and pressed and rolled them up after cutting 2" strips from them. They are all sewn now into Clue#3 of the Orca Bay Mystery from Our Bonnie Hunter of
Just need to press and de-ear the little puppies.
I also found some treasures in the bottom of a 56 qt. container that held nearly all my black and gray collection. I will share them with you in another post. I was so surprised at what I found...
 Here is the fabric log all re-rolled and trussed up. And I also was very generous when I straightened the ends. I could have "sliver" trimmed and had even edges but I wanted some more neutral strings.
Now I have another nice container of 2" neutral strips and the beginnings of another bag of neutral strings. I do not know why but I have many containers with 2 1/2" strips sorted by color family. And the same amount of 1 1/2" strips stored the same way. But my 2" size only has the one drawer under the cutting table. Do I use them up as I cut them? I must because that bin is always in need of more know like sourdough starter...have to feed the dough!


Judy D in WA said...

What a great idea. I want fabric logs! :) I am so inspired. I have never sorted my strips by color but after reading this and Bonnie's blog the other day, I am ready to. Can't wait to see your blacks.

regan said...

This is total genius! How is it that I never thought to trim the edges wide enough to give me more strings to work with! I always just do a sliver! Sheesh! You're brilliant! :o)

Janet O. said...

Oh, my. You give new meaning to the term fabricaholic!! : )
Love the fabric log!

Anonymous said...

Well aren't you just too clever?!!! That log roll is gorgeous! I wished I had so many lovely neutrals tidy and nice!!!
I lurk here often...popped in quickly this am to see how far along you are with Orca. LOL

skye said...

Oh!! Thank you! That is such a fabulous organizational idea! I can't believe I have never thought of it or heard of it before.
I guess you know I will be going through my stupendous amounts of bins & creating log rolls in the New Year! (Orca Bay first! Haha!)
Thanks again.