Monday, December 5, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery Clue #3

I did try the Inklingo method but went back to my Trusty EZ Angle ruler to complete this grouping of HST. I am so comfortable with this ruler now. At first I had the same issues I have been reading about on the quiltvillechat at Yahoo. I can only say "keep trying the ruler" because the results seem perfect every time now. No sliver trimming is needed. No marking on the wrong side of the light squares. And only one set of dogears to trim.

Our Bonnie did have a great tip about lining up the edge of the ruler with the strip edge. She said no fabric should be extending past the ruler. She is right on with that tip. If your fabric hangs out a bit it will make the HST's seam a bit thicker than you want/need it to be.
I made 480. I did not mean to go over what we needed. (350) But then again one never knows how large I will want my final quilt to be.

 They are now all nestled in their own little basket. All safe from the "Magnet" kitty named MaggieMae. She is called a Magnet because all my fabric pieces seem to be attracted to her fur as she waddles by. She cannot help it. She is long overdue for her trim but she is not tangling at all and seems to really enjoy the brushing time. Last night I brushed every single bit of her backwards. It was so funny looking. She looked like she had been electrified. I should have taken a picture of her. She was looking like a punk rocker!
I am now ready to make my gray/neutral combination for clue#3. But tonight is our guild's Christmas party. I need to wash my hair. And that is a day long event. My hair is below my waist and very thick. Takes forever to wash and dry it. Then I have the fuzzies around my face to deal with. My hair always looks better the day after I wash it. Should have done it yesterday. Sigh!


Candace said...

The HSTs look great, love your fabrics. Sounds like your hair is a job, but I wish that I could let mine grow, it would be worth it. Mine is fine and not thick though and just doesn't want to grow long.

Janet O. said...

You are so funny--I can't believe you went so far over the required amount. Most people are gritting their teeth just to make the specified number! We won't talk obsessiveness here. : )
I would love to see MaggieMae in punk rocker mode. Please get a photo next time!
I can sympathize on the hair. Mine USED to be below my waist and very thick--washing and drying was definitely an event! But my hair has thinned so dramatically with age, and I don't keep it quite so long anymore.

Sue Daurio said...

Wow 480 HSTs done, that is incredible! I tried the starch tip on the HSTs and it worked like a charm, thanks!

Rabid Quilter from California said...

People who don't have long hair don't realize the time it takes. I don't have hair as long as you but I allow 2 hours for drying and curling every other day. I feel like it's worth it though. Not everyone can grow it long and take care of it.

You might have the largest Orca Bay Mystery quilt!

Helen in the UK said...

Soooo impressed that you've finished all those HSTs. I'm plugging away at mine a little at a time ... I'll get there :)

karen said...

Makes my original one seem very lonely next to your basket of HST's. My cat's name is Mischief..enough said! And my hair is long and curly..and gets even longer when wet.